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alaskan. caleya. hector savage.


Do | 27. Feb | 21.00 | Zxrx | Leipzig


ALASKAN (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – Sick Man Getting Sick Records / Moment of Collapse Records / Alerta Antifascista Records / Dwyer Records)

::: http://alaskan.bandcamp.com/

CALEYA (Hamburg, Germany – Zeitstrafe Records)

::: http://caleya.bandcamp.com/

HECTOR SAVAGE (Köln, Germany – 100 Kilo Herz)

::: http://hectorsavage.bandcamp.com/

hexis. sun worship. evra.


Samstag | 25. Januar | 21.00 Uhr | Reil78 | Halle

Aus Kopenhagen kommen EVRA, die von Beginn an röhren und rollen. Hardcore gepaart mit Rock ´n Roll. Na sowas aber auch. Kräftige Stimmen, die auch vor etwas Cleansinging nicht zurück schrecken, lassen sich von extra tief gestimmten Gitarren in den Beginn des Abends begleiten. Nicht mehr enden wollende Schreie – prima!

Finsterer geht immer. Mit infernalem Black Metal im Stile von WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM ziehen uns SUN WORSHIP an diesem Abend in musikalische Sphären, die wir vorher noch nicht betreten haben. Eiskalte Vocals, sägende Riffs und erbarmungslose Doublebass-Attacken ziehen uns in ihren Bann. Wir sind Gefangene im musikalischen Palast der Berliner – und zwar gerne.

Schließlich setzen die mächtigen HEXIS dem Abend die Krone der Finsternis auf! Prägnante, brutale, durchdachte Songs, die uns fassungslos werden lassen. Ein Sturm zieht auf? Quatsch! Ein Orkan voller Wut! Die fünf Jungs aus Kopenhagen werden uns ordentlich den Hintern versohlen. Mit Recht und Geschrei!

intronaut. scale the summit.


Dienstag | 10. Dezember | 21.00 Uhr | UT Connewitz | Wolgang-Heinze-Str. 12a | Leipzig



INTRONAUT (Los Angeles, California, USA – Century Media)

play in the style of Progressive Metal with some harsh vocals, as well as, more recently, melodic vocals and vocal harmonies, combined with progressive and jazzy instrumental breaks. Their sound incorporates traits from Prog Rock, Sludge Metal, Indian, African, and Afro-Latin rhythms, as well as a heavy Jazz influence.

::: http://www.intronautofficial.com/

SCALE THE SUMMIT (Houston, Texas, USA – Prosthetic Records)

is an American Progressive Metal band. The band draws influences from other progressive acts such as Cynic and Dream Theater. However, unlike most other Progressive Metal bands, they have no vocalist and play solely instrumental music.

::: http://www.scalethesummit.com/

::: http://www.last.fm/event/3676171

deafheaven. weekend.


Die | 5. November | 21.00 | UT Connewitz | Wolgang-Heinze-Str. 12a | Leipzig



DEAFHEAVEN (San Francisco, California, USA – Deathwish Inc.)

is an American post-black metal band that formed in 2010 with vocalist George Clarke and guitarist Kerry McCoy, who previously performed in a grindcore band together. Clarke isn‘t sure how he arrived on the name Deafheaven, though he is aware of its appearance in William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 29. The two words „deaf“ and „heaven“ were combined as an homage to Slowdive.

Their music is described as „A dizzying hybrid of shoegaze shimmer, hardcore punk passion, emo vulnerability, and black metal intensity.“ They have cited a wide range of musical influences, including, but not limited to, Morbid Angel, The Smiths, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Orchid and My Bloody Valentine.

::: http://www.deafheaven.com/
::: http://deafheavens.bandcamp.com/
::: „There was a photo of their [deafheavens] drummer, he explained, wearing the shirt of a band called Hate Forest“

WEEKEND (San Francisco, California, USA – Slumberland)

When they began, it sounded as though Weekend’s three main sources of musical inspirations were a Twizzler-twined mix of the shoegaze pop of My Bloody Valentine, the dystopian fuzz guitar of the Jesus & Mary Chain and a shower sing-along to Ian Curtis of Joy Division. But on their new album „Jinx“, they‘re beginning to shed their obvious resemblances to past heroes and take shape into their own style.

::: http://www.weekendtheband.us/

::: http://www.last.fm/event/3663388

o graceful musing’s burden. barren soil.

Sa | 26. Oktober | 22 Uhr | VL / Ludwigstraße 37 | Halle

O GRACEFUL MUSING‘S BURDEN (Ambient Postrock Cinema, Postmetal – Chemnitz, Leipzig/D) – „Vielsagende Tonkunst aus Post Rock, Ambient & Doom Metal : Reise durch Stimmungen, Befindlichkeiten und fliegende Gedanken : Verzweiflung und Hoffnung : Angst und Freude : durch die Aggregatzustände der menschlichen Seele.“ (Reviewauszüge)

:::: ogracefulmusingsburden.bandcamp.com

BARREN SOIL (Postmetal – Glauchau/D) hüllen ihre Gedanken und Gefühle in ein dunkles, düsteres und rohes Soundgewand. Sie beschreiten dabei Pfade, die von Bands wie CULT OF LUNA, ROSETTA und MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT angedeutet wurden und suchen einen Weg durch die Finsternis, geleitet vom Ziel der Seligkeit.

:::: cataractofsounds.blogsport.de

asidefromaday. filthpact.

Donnerstag | 24. Oktober | 21.00 | Kulturcafé | Leipzig


(Besançon, France – Division Records)

is a five-piece Post-Metal band existing since 2000.

With their new album „Chasing Shadows“, ASIDEFROMADAY creates a heavy and epic journey: a whole lot of ambiances and dark atmospheres, due to a right use of analog synth, and an incredible dose of pure aggression.

Darkness has its own beauty and ASIDEFROMADAY explores and reveals those aspects step by step. These five shadows are doing what they do best: provide a lumbering heaviness that marches you to its precipice, lingers there for a moment, then sends you helplessly crashing back down.

More than 300 shows all over Europe and supported bands like:
Cult of Luna, Envy, Russian Circles, Baroness, Keelhaul, The Ocean.

::: http://www.asidefromaday.com/
::: http://asidefromaday.bandcamp.com/
::: http://www.modernobsessionbooking.com/roster/asidefromaday/

FILTHPACT (Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom – Various)

Scottish Sociopolitical Total Crust Violence.

Formed 2004,
Disbanded 2007,
Resurrected 2010.

::: http://www.filthpact.com/

::: http://www.last.fm/event/3645793

light bearer. monachus. orhorho.


Mittwoch | 18. September | 21:00 | Bermuda3eck | Leipzig


(London, United Kingdom – Alerta Antifascista Records)

Formed in 2010, an all encompassing art / music / narrative project, based around a story written by their vocalist Alex, who drew influence from the writings of Philip Pullman’s „His Dark Materials“ trilogy, John Milton’s „Paradise Lost“, and the „Book of Genesis“, an allegorical tale in which to forward atheist / anti theist and radical left wing / free thought ideologies.

The band play a mixture of Melodic Post Hardcore, Progressive Metal, Post Rock and Ambient Atmospheric Drone. The songs are structured specifically to follow the narrative and therefore peak and trough in equal measure, mixing screamed desperate vocals with sung passages.

::: http://lightbearerband.wordpress.com/
::: http://lightbearer.bandcamp.com/
::: http://alertaantifascistarecords.bandcamp.com/

(Gothenburg, Sweden – Alerta Antifascista Records)

„Are a superb Psych / Sludge / Post-Metal band who plays the same sort of great music as Mastodon, Neurosis, ISIS and Baroness. However, they make their own great blend of hard-hitting Psych based Sludge / Post-Metal music.“

::: http://www.monachus.se/
::: http://alertaantifascistarecords.bandcamp.com/

ORHORHO (Michele of GOTTESMORDER and Eleleth)
(Pisa, Italy – Alerta Antifascista Records)

Crust Black Metal duo.

::: http://orhorho.bandcamp.com/
::: http://alertaantifascistarecords.bandcamp.com/

::: http://www.last.fm/event/3637443

mouth of the architect. kasan.


Mittwoch | 21:00 | Kulturcafé Manfred | Stö 5 | Leipzig

sickmangettingsick.records, Modern Obsession Booking und Doom over Leipzig Festival present


(Dayton, USA – Translation Loss)

Ever since the demise of Isis, quality progressive sludge and post-metal in America is increasingly harder to come by, leaving the scales tipped in favor of the European scene, where Cult of Luna and The Ocean reign supreme. On the homefront, both Baroness and Mastodon have opted for a more commercially-friendly hard rock sound, while Intronaut have been seemingly transfixed by psychedelic prog. At least one band is still sticking with the genre’s roots, though; it’s business as usual for Dayton, Ohio’s Mouth of the Architect, who carry on with massive compositions and expansive songwriting that borrows from post-rock and doom metal alike on their latest effort, Dawning.
This slight lack of individuality would be damning had everyone else not bailed over the years, and if Dawning didn’t sound so glorious. Luckily — between Mouth of the Architect and their Swedish contemporaries in Cult of Luna — the torch that Isis passed down is still shining bright in 2013.

::: http://www.mouthofthearchitect.com/
::: http://mouthofthearchitect.bandcamp.com/

(Leipzig, DE – dunk!records)

Kasan commit themselves to emotional ~ instrumental rock music. They are not oriented on patters of slowly building melodies of post-rock genre, but also work with turnarounds and breaks without loosing touch of the main idea of the songs. Songs should be effective as pictures, described emotions, which sense subjective, assuming a great freedom in listeners head. The flow of melodies are not predictable as the music presses forward. Let yourself be surprised, listen aware, prompt to concentrate and let Kasan shows, how far music can devloped, without losing its roots.

::: http://kasan.bandcamp.com/

::: http://www.last.fm/event/3546601

nvrvd. zaar. varan.


Fr | 7. Juni | 21Uhr | Reil78 | Halle

Konzert mit…

…nvrvd(post-metal/hardcore aus minden)

…zaar (grind/noise/progressive aus berlin)

…varan (posthardcore aus merseburg)


sonst: vegane spezialitäten, kicker und pfeffi


schaf auf eisberg – booking

downfall of gaia.

downfall of gaia

Freitag | 24. Mai | Reil78 | Halle

Downfall of Gaia

Over the Top

Hunting Area Brain County


aftershow mit tokamak reaktor

+ vegane Cocktails und Brötchen