caudal. hansen windisch.


Freitag | 10. Januar | 20:00 | Raum der Kulturen | Engertstraße 23 | Leipzig

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CAUDAL (Berlin, Oaken Palace Records)

Caudal is a new trio featuring Aidan Baker (Canada – Nadja, Whisper Room, ARC) on guitar, Gareth Sweeney (Ireland – Gout) on bass, and Felipe Salazar (Colombia – Muerte En Pereira) on drums. Baker’s multi-layered, heavily affected guitar overlays Sweeney and Salazar’s driving, propulsive rhythm section creating music equally influenced by krautrock, post-punk, and spacerock. Their debut album „Forever In Another World“ was released in April 2013 by Oaken Palace Records

HANSEN_WINDISCH (Leipzig, Ortloff)

Bodo Hansen(Syncboy) and Daniel Windisch merge danceable Kraut-Motorik-Rhythms into minimal Elektronika. Analogue-Synth clusters and a DAF-like voice spiral into Neu-esk New/No-Wave Sounds words can not explain.

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AMBIQUE (Leipzig)

Ambique will border the night with a heavy dark ambient layer.