the pharmacy.

Mi | 4. Dezember | 21.30 Uhr | Hühnermanhattan | Hordorferstrasse 4 | Halle

THE PHARMACY (US/ See You Records)

The Pharmacy are a psyched lofi pop trio „with stoned enthusiasm“. They have traded in their distortion pedal for a wide array of other instruments including strings, horns, and many different types of synthesizers/keyboards. Although their songs still have a raw edge of 60’s psychedelia and infectious indie rock to them, their Beatle-esque melodies are exceptionally well written and really stand out, making The Pharmacy more pop than anything else.

„Smoked out Garage Punk Rock straight outta Connewitz“ back in Hell.. feat. (ex-etc) members of ZHOD, CCCR, Spastix.. If they don´t give a fuck, why should we?