celeste. throwers.


Montag | 13. Mai | 21:00 | Cafe Manfred | Leipzig

sickmangettingsick.records presents very short:

Celeste ( Lyon, France, Denovali Records)

From black metal to sludge, from doom to posthardcore – the people love them because they‘re not copying other bands – they‘re not trying to exhaust any genre clichés – they‘re creating their own dark soundscapes with every new record. this time again: seven songs (more than 40 minutes) of pure hopelessness and distress. And it’s pretty simple to circumstantiate their success: they‘re still an excellent liveband. To bring this promo tralala to an end and to finally characterize this new masterpiece is one quote: ‚‘Don‘t pass up on the heaviest albums of the year of one of the best metal bands of the past 4 years.'‘ (denovali rec.)

Throwers ( Leipzig, Germany, Vendetta Records)

Four young and angry men, from leipzig, eastern germany ; playing brutal , chaotic hardcore ( Vendetta Rec.)