oh! pears. gnarled bikers.

15. 2. 2012, reil78


OH! PEARS (Kanel Records, US)

is the brainchild of Philadelphia’s Corey Duncan, a thrilling new voice whose work draws equally from the worlds of indie-pop (Beirut, Grizzly Bear) and classical composition (Ravel, Tchaikovsky) to create enchanting songs with transformative power.
Fill Your Lungs, the latest Release of Oh! Pears, finds Duncan exploring a sound a lifetime in the making, setting stunning orchestral arrangements drawn from his family’s long lineage of classical musicians to urgent, three-minute perfect pop nuggets not far removed from the stylings of his previous outfit, Pattern Is Movement.

GNARLED BIKERS (Discorporate Records, D)

-feat members of Schnaak & Feindrehstar-
Jazz-percussions meet the Fender Rhodes. Krishan Zeigner and Lars Mäurer (both Charlie Bucket Trio & Feindrehstar) are one musical organ, creating groovy complex and improvised jazz-hop-tunes. Find yourself in trance or nodding your head. No rehearsals! Strictly impro!
And if one drumset isn´t enough, this time they team up with „Aufrichtiges Zappa“ companion and labelmate Josen Döpping (Schnaak), Hans Dampf in every alley..