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ghostlimb black kites

Freitag, 19. August 2011, gieszer 16, leipzig

Ghostlimb (US) + Black Kites (US)

Ghostlimb (Los Angeles, USA)

Ghostlimb formed in 2005 as a two-piece guitar and drum hardcore band (feat. Graf Orlock member). Fueled by a love for all things Hot Water Music and Propagandhi, this three piece (in 2006 Neal join on bass), began getting out there will all kinds of pissed off. With the final addition of Alex Tenaj (ex-Danger) in 2010 on drums, Ghostlimb propelled their music to a new level with their 2011 record „Infrastructure“. Their dedication to angry pissed and passionate hardcore with a nice edge of melody has served them well. Conscious lyrics laced with politics, history, and a meager grasp of various theories carry through their discography, which includes three full length records (Vitriol, Adagio 830, Level-Plane) and a split LP. Ghostlimb toured the US numerous times and Europe once with Graf Orlock in 2009 – now, in 2011, they are coming back with new songs and more anger.

Black Kites (New Jersey, USA)

Formed in New Brunswick, New Jersey, their music emanates a depth and clarity reminiscent of 90’s hardcore, underlain by a technical, yet, cohesive composition. Their progressive sound is coupled with political lyrics as this vegan trio prescribes to a non-militant, straight edge lifestyle. Black Kites includes ex-members of The Assistant, This Ship Will Sink, You and I, and Zhenia Golov. Members of Black Kites also currently play in Less Life and Sick Charade. Black Kites has had several successful East coast and Midwest tours in the USA, their most recent USA tour was with Zann. For their European tour, they have procured a new limited release split LP with Convulsions (Adagio 830 (EU)/Glory Kid (USA)). Black Kites music is akin to Endeavor, Groundwork, 108, Disembodied, Deadguy, and Harvest. Other influences: His Hero Is Gone, Bad Religion, Minor Threat, Kiss It Goodbye, Unbroken.

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  1. 1 m 25. August 2011 um 0:54 Uhr

    konzert war spitze!!
    black kites einfach unglaublich sympathisch.

    hey. könntest du, wenn es soweit ist, für unsere veranstaltung ZINEATTACK! #01 werben? flyer finden sich hier:

    bist auch herzlich eingeladen.

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